Public Works

Tualatin Valley Water Efficient Demonstration Garden

Tualatin Valley Interpretive 2.jpg

Beaverton, Oregon

The Tualatin Valley Water District hired Anderson Associates to design a water efficient demonstration garden at the district's  office site.  The project included paving layout and design, details for signage throughout the site, innovative irrigation design and low water use plant material,  and an information kiosk.   The project also included workshops attended by the district's customers on water efficient design issues including irrigation, plant material, soils and maintenance practices.  The project was completed in 1994.

Client:  Tualatin Valley Water District.  


Jim Griffith Memorial Skate Park

Tigard, Oregon  

Anderson Associates was hired to incorporate a skate park into an existing parking lot at the Tigard City Hall complex.  Design included preservation of existing trees and the addition of new landscaping around the skate park perimeter.     

Client:  Winterbrook Planning, Portland, Oregon





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Skatepark Nov 08 009.jpg
Skatepark Nov 08 018.jpg

South Fork Water District Clearwell

South Fork 5_09 020.jpg
South Fork 5_09 013.jpg
South Fork 5_09 015.jpg

Oregon City, Oregon

The water district installed a new underground reservoir in 2007 and landscape architectural services included planting and irrigation design to screen the new development and help mitigate the removal of existing shrubs and trees on the site.  The project was completed in 2008.

Client:  Winterbrook Planning, Portland, Oregon